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Best Tempo Traveller Ahmedabad for your Group Travel

Planning a trip with a large group? Book our top-rated Tempo Traveller Ahmedabad. Travel together in a safe and comfortable way at affordable prices.


Tempo Traveller Rent in Ahmedabad

During the current coronavirus pandemic, we are strictly adhering to all government-issued travel precautions to ensure the safety of our clients.

Our Tempo Traveller Rent in Ahmedabad is cleaned both before and after each trip.

Our drivers and clients must always carry face masks and hand sanitizers.

Customers holding a valid COVID-19 e-pass can also use our Tempo Traveller Ahmedabad services for intrastate travel (wherever applicable).

We appreciate our drivers of Tempo Traveller Ahmedabad, who act as “corona warriors” by helping customers get from point A to point B.

Make a Reservation for a Tempo Traveller in Ahmedabad

The airport shuttle services to and from Ahmedabad are plentiful and fairly priced.

Depending on your group size, you can reserve one of our 9-16 seat, air-conditioned Tempo Traveller Ahmedabad online.

Door-to-door service is available from the airport to your house or vice versa.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and safe mode of transportation while in Ahmedabad, I recommend renting a Tempo Traveller.

Through Our Taxi Service in Ahmedabad, you’ll never have to stress about missed deadlines again thanks to on-time pick-up and delivery services.

Ahmedabad Tempo Traveller: Commonly Asked Questions

In Car Rental from Ahmedabad, how much would you expect to pay for a tempo traveller?

In what quantities are different styles of recreational trailers offered for rent?

We provide the most affordable rates for local, outstation, and airport transfers using superior tempo travellers of different sizes.

How many people can fit inside a van?

There are a wide variety of sizes of tempo travellers, with capacities ranging from nine to fourteen to twenty-four passengers.

Do air conditioners function in tempos?

The answer is yes, you can choose between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned luxury transportation from us.

I was wondering whether you sold a travel stereo.

To answer your question, all of our tempos do have high-quality stereos.

While renting a tempo traveler, what conveniences can I expect to find?

Ahmedabad Motor Buses Offers a Wide Range of Conveniences, Including the Following:

Superb sound system

Electronic device charging ports

A roomy, private storage space for your bags, complete with climate control and a light for reading

Space enough for one’s legs

Provides Tempo Traveler Rentals for Ahmedabad-area Trips

We have a wide variety of Tempo Travellers available for rent in Ahmedabad for out-of-town trips with family and friends or to attend a wedding or other special event.

Our fleet includes 9-seater, 15-seater, 16-seater, 18-seater, and 20-seater Tempo Traveller vehicles, as well as taxi service between Ahmedabad and Mumbai and Toyota Innova rentals between Ahmedabad and Rajasthan.

Obtainable Tempo Traveller Rental in Ahmedabad at Competitive Rates
Ahmedabad, or Amdavad as it’s known in its native Gujarat, is the state capital and largest city.

A 25-kilometer drive would take you from Sabarmati Riverside Ahmedabad to Gujarat’s capital, Gandhinagar.

Formerly known as “Manchester of India,” the city of Ahmedabad today mostly produces cotton.

Because National Highway 8 connects Delhi and Mumbai through Ahmedabad, the city is easily accessible from both metropolises.

The National Expressway-1 connects Ahmedabad and Vadodara and is a total of 94 kilometres long with only two interchanges.

Get a short-term solution to your problem with the help of our vetted network of service providers.

Obtaining a Wedding Limousine in Ahmedabad

Do you have concerns about locating a reputable business to rent a Tempo Traveller from for your upcoming nuptials? We work with dependable businesses to provide wedding ceremony transportation in rented Tempo Travellers.

In a single convenient location, you may get both a reasonable quote and complete assurance of your financial security.
Our collection of luxury Tempo Travellers will make the trip comfortable and convenient for the Customer, no matter where he is going in or around town.

We have a fleet of 9- to 26-seat Tempo Travellers available for your use.

In addition to taxi services, we also offer bus and minibus rentals in Ahmedabad. Choose from our fleet of luxury vehicles including the Mercedes and Volvo coaches, as well as the Full Sleeper and Mix Coaches.

Exactly what does the term “RV” stand for?

Minibuses like the Traveller can carry anything from nine to twenty-six passengers.

In India, Tempo Travellers from Force Motors are highly regarded for their attractiveness and adaptability.

Tempo Traveller rentals in Ahmedabad are a great option for any large group looking to travel together.

Trust us when we say that the Tempo Travellers’ level of comfort and style is unparalleled.

Most people agree that Tempo Travellers are the best minibus option.

You can take them on vacations that are a few days or several months long.

Ten to twenty-five individuals may stay there.

With all that more room, you can get around with ease and less fatigue.

Air conditioning, electrical outlets, push-back seats, etc. are just a few of the high-end features they offer.

Because of the space and comfort provided by tempo travellers, they are ideal for excursions with family or friends.

Or, take in a film.

Travel In Style with Our Luxurious Tempo Traveller Rental Services in Ahmedabad

Experience a comfortable and stylish journey with our top-notch tempo traveller rental services in Ahmedabad. Book now and enjoy our premium amenities at reasonable prices.



Max 11 seater + 1 Driver per vehicle
Per Day : 300 kms per vehicle.
Driver charge (300 Rs.)
Toll tax and parking charge extra.


Max 12 seater + 1 Driver per vehicle
Per Day : 300 kms per vehicle.
Driver charge (300 Rs.)
Toll tax and parking charge extra.



Max 14 seater + 1 Driver per vehicle
Per Day : 300 kms per vehicle.
Driver charge (300 Rs.)
Toll tax and parking charge extra.


Max 20 seater + 1 Driver per vehicle
Per Day : 300 kms per vehicle.
Driver charge (300 Rs.)
Toll tax and parking charge extra.