Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad 2023

Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad – Sabarmati ashram is one of the finest hotels in the suburb of Ahmedabad. It is located on the clear and peaceful stretch of Sabarmati river. It is ranked amongst the best place to visit in Ahmedabad because of its cool weathers, it has no entry fee and it has an astounding scenery for photography lovers.


Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad

The Ashram is recognized by the Indian government as a national monument symbolizing the Indian freedom struggle which boosts its tourist attraction status. Furthermore, it was once the residence of the famous Mahatma Gandhi and his family thus it has a number of Mahatma Gandhi Ashram establishments in its surroundings.

Activities you can find actively involved with the community include.

Reception and catering to visitors.

Walking tours through the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram is still employed.

Educational study and researches in Gandhian school keep you updated with the young nation of the country.

The Ashram has an obligation for the collection and archiving of crucial historical documents, microfilms as well as the publication of “Mahedevbhani Diary” that accounts for the events experienced in India’s freedom struggle.

Within the confinement of Sabarmati Ashram, you can find a number of key structures which comprises of.

Magan Niwas; the structure is named after Mahatma Gandhi’s nephew who is said to be the spirit of Ashram as he was a prime manager and architect in his time.

Gandhi Memorial Museum; has predominant exhibits relating to his life, galleries and Ashram library.

Udyog Mandir; A symbol of self-reliance from the historic strike of mill workers in Ahmedabad.

Upasana Mandir; A small site where Gandhi held prayer services for all and delivered spiritual words during morning and evening hours.

Vinoba Mira Kutir; A building the British Admiral’s daughter served and stayed at the Sabarmati Ashram.

Somnath Chhatralaya; which was the residing quarters of participants and students of new programs as they observed Ashram rules.

Basically, Sabarmati Ashram is a formidable hotel and tourist destination you should not miss to pass by because of their salient historical records.

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