ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad City is the spiritual center for Gujarat state of India. The city is a host to almost every religion each with its own place of worship. The ISKCON or better known as International Society on Krishna Consciousness or Hare Krishna movement has (in my own words) a super magnificent temple in Ahmedabad. The Temple is a tourist attraction center. It is a must visit place for any tourist to the city. The International Society on Krishna Consciousness has temples all over the world, but the one in Ahmedabad City is a center of beauty and attraction. The temple is overcrowded during the weekend with people from all over the world coming to seek a divine intervention.

ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad

The Temple stands on an area of four Acres. The design of the Temple blends in the Gujarati Sompura with Rajasthani Khamira style. It is a showcase of high qualified architects. The biggest temple rooms in India are found here. Some can hold up to four thousand believers. The walls are colorfully designed and accompanied with an exquisite marble floor to illustrate the divinity of the place. The Idols found in the temple are Jagannath Baladeva Subhadraji, Radha-Govinda, Sita-Rama-Laksman-Hamuman, Sri Nathji, Gaura-Nitai, among many others. The Temple is clean and calm, a perfect place to visit with family.

Due to its fame, the area around the Temple is also called ISCKON temple. The parking area is spacious enough to accommodate everyone. The food café attached at the entrance of the Temple serves delicious meals. Everyone visiting the Temple should try the tasty India food severed at the food court. The temple is located at satellite road along Sarkhej Ghandhinagr Highway Crossing. The area is easily accessible with minimum traffic. For the visitors going for a spiritual gain the services are at 4:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 7:00 PM.

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