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Dada Harir Stepwell in Ahmedabad 2019

Dada Harir Stepwell in Ahmedabad – Dada Hari Wav is an intricately designed well and is one of the complicated monument structures in Ahmedabad city. It was built in the year 1501 by a woman during Sultan Bergara’s reign.

Dada Harir Stepwell in Ahmedabad

It is ranked among one of the best places you can visit in Gujarat, India. You can purpose to visit the site from morning hours to evening as the visiting hours.

The ancient structure shows the bewildering aspects of the ancient architecture of the bygone span. At the normal ground, you cannot visualize the structure well but as one rises a little higher with the aid of stairs there emerges steep cascading steps plunging down several stories. The circuitous carvings reflecting in the sun rays.

The basic essential purpose for constructing the well was to provide travelers with cool water for refreshment and it acted as a place for relaxation. The wells await to be filled to the brim with rainwaters and no matter the weather is, its compartments are always cooler within the step walls.

The most fascinating thing about the place is the octagonally shaped well made underground artistically with carvings of typical Gujarati designs which are stunning. The scenery is stupendous to the eye and you can regard it as a cool site for photography.

It is a major tourist attraction site you can find in Gujarat as tourists increase year by year due to the fine stonework of Gujarat. The drawings employed are fine to every detail and each drawing was decently paid attention to. The pillars, walls, steps, and everything are beautifully decorated with finesse.

If you are planning to take a tour in India, Dada Hari Wav is one of the most significant features you can’t dare pass by to pay tribute to the ancient works and architecture of Hindu.

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