100 Best Places to Visit in Gujarat, Tourist Places & Top Attractions 2023

100 Best Places to Visit in Gujarat, Tourist Places & Top Attractions 2023

Gujarat’s top 100 tourist destinations and attractions as of 2023
Exploring a location illiterately only results in a waste of time and money. In this post, we have provided you with the most crucial information about the 100 Best Places to Visit in Gujarat, Tourist Attractions, and Top Locations 2023. The top taxi service in Ahmedabad, Lalubhai Travels, can advise you on the best spots to see in Gujarat. There are several questions that arise while planning a trip to a new location, including whether or not to visit certain locations, how to get there, and where to stay in the city.

Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram, is the ideal place to find tranquilly and tranquilly. It was constructed by Mahatma Gandhi when he returned from South Africa. This area is replete with stories about Gandhi’s life, his accomplishments, and his failures in trying to create India. It serves as evidence for Gandhi’s life. To be inspired by the life of Mahatma Gandhi, a renowned liberation warrior, one must go to this location.

The tallest watermarked mosque built in western India is called Jama or Jumma Masjid. Because of its beauty and architecture, it draws visitors. Lal Darwaza is close by Old Jama Masjid. Using yellow sandstone, Sultan Ahmed erected the rebuilt Jama Masjid in 1423. Along the road leading from Teen Darwaza to Manek Chowk, next to Bhadra Fort, lies Jama Masjid, a stunning example of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

The Three Gates, also known as Teen Darwaja, is the best specimen of Islamic architecture and has three arches. Built by Sultan Ahmed Shah, who founded Ahmadabad city (141 A.D.), it is the regal gateway to the city. It was once used as the entrance of Bhadra Fort’s Royal Square and has beautiful carvings. It has semi-circular windows that are embellished with meshwork.

The Mughal Empire’s Badshah na Hajiro in Gujarat is next to the Hajiro, a location for queens’ burials. This mausoleum is close to Manek Chowk and is a well-liked tourist spot. The queen’s tomb is a tranquil location since it is far from the commotion of daily city activities.

The centre of Kankaria Lake is home to the garden-themed entertainment area known as Nagina Wadi. The majority of the lake is traversed by straight, concrete walkways that are flanked with trees. There are several food vendors selling mouthwatering regional cuisine. At the location, you may have some quality time with your family and friends.

The second-largest lake in Ahmadabad is called Kankaria, and it is situated there. The balloon safari, zoo, toy railways, and amusement park draw visitors to this lake. Options including archery, water rides, and gymnastics are available at the lake. In actuality, this is the ideal fusion of skill, culture, knowledge, and entertainment. There are several booths open in the evening that sell delicious refreshments.

Buddhist Cave Groups in Junagarh
The Buddhist Caves are three independent locations with stone-carved chambers that serve as monks’ residences rather than actual caves. One of the earliest caves is Khapara Kodia, which dates to the third or fourth century AD.

Adalaj Stepwell/Adalaj Vav
A magnificent example of Indo-Islamic culture and architecture, Gujarat State is delicately carved. A stepwell, commonly referred to as a stepped pond, is a structure used to collect rainwater. In the year 1498, this was constructed in Rana Veer Singh’s honour.

Kutch’s Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
The Great Indian Bustard is an endangered bird, thus this sanctuary was created to protect it. Its primary function is to shield the largest flying birds and keep them from being pursued. The best seasons to explore this area are during the monsoon and winter.

Great Rann of Kutch and the White Desert
World-famous for being a saline desert, Rann ka Kutch. The abundant fauna in this area includes flamingos and wild asses, both of which are often seen there. The area has summertime temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, which are the highest ever recorded in India. It gets down to 0 degrees Celsius in the winter. Nature enthusiasts and photographers should go there.

Archaeological Park of Champaner Pavagadh
This park was given UNESCO Heritage Site designation in 2004 and is the only World Heritage Site in the Indian state of Gujarat. It covers 1,329 hectares in total, including an additional 2815 hectares.

Jamnagar’s Marine National Park
With a 42-island archipelago, Marine National Park is India’s first marine sanctuary. It is renowned for its coral reefs and mangroves. Diverse marine life, such as finless fish, sea turtles, vibrant fish, and dolphins, enliven the forest. Various birds may be seen here.

Discover Saputara, Gujarat’s 100 Best Tourist Spots & Top Attractions 2023
One of India’s finest designed and maintained hill towns is Saputara. This stunning hill town is located in Gujarat’s Dang district at a height of around 1000 metres above sea level. The cable car, paddle boats, climbing, and trekking are all excellent activities there. This location is a must-see for nature enthusiasts. Just take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by nature in the hill station of Saputara, which is located around 1000 above sea level. One of India’s best-planned hill towns is this one. This is a terrific location for you if you prefer to climb or travel. Saputara’s top attractions include Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, gardens, Gira Waterfalls, Mahal Forest, Ampabda, Unnai Mata Temple and Hot Springs, Vansda National Park, etc.

Around 4000 years ago, Dholvira was one of the major cities. This location, which spans a 100-hectare area, reveals several remarkable facets of the Harappan Civilization. A road that slashes over to the mainland connects this city, which is situated on the island known as Khadir Bet, to the rest of the world.

One of the most notable towns of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization is Lothal, which translates to “The City of the Dead.” Yes, Lothal in Gujarat is the location of the Indus Valley Civilization, of which we have all heard. Visit this location if you want to learn more about our history.

Vadodara’s Laxmi Villas Palace
Welcome to the realm of the Maharaja, from Laxmi Villas Palace. The size of this palace is four times that of Buckingham Palace in Britain. The Navlakhi Stepwell, Maharaha Fatehgarh museum, and a small zoo are all located inside the 700-acre royal grounds.

The Ahmedabad Police
Ahmedabad has several large homes—about 3000—and little pols, or Ghar-ni-Pols, with six dwellings. Ahmedabad’s largest poles are also referred to as Mandavi-ni-Pol. In the last several years, the city of Ahmedabad has 600 pols with roughly 60000 dwellings. These homes were constructed hundreds of years ago, during a period of social upheaval and intergroup conflict in the area. These antique homes serve as a reminder of Gujarat’s ancient culture.

Little Run of Kutch’s Wild Ass Sanctuary
One of the most stunning and unique environments in the whole world is the Wild Ass Sanctuary. It has covered 4954 km2 in total. 29 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibians (frogs and toads), and 93 species of invertebrates live there. Over a space of 250 acres, there are over 75000 bird nests at this location.

Veavadar, Bhavnagar, and the Velavadar Blackbuck National Park
Numerous people go to the well-known Blackbug Park, which is close to the Gulf of Kambat’s shore. The park is situated on 34.08 square feet of land. km. It is home to a variety of Indian as well as migratory birds, as well as antelopes, wolves, hyenas, foxes, and blue bulls in its brown and dry grassland habitat. Those who appreciate the beauty of nature need to go here.

Downtown Sabarmati River
One of India’s greatest waterfront locations is along the 10.4 kilometre long Sabarmati River. It is a location that provides many water sports activities in addition to its attractiveness. This riverside is embellished each January to honour the International Kite Festival.

Porbandar is among the top 100 tourist destinations and attractions in Gujarat as of 2023.
Gujarat’s Porbandar city is situated on the coast. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Krishna’s companion Sudama were born there. In this location, there are several religious sites to visit, like Sudama Mandir, Gita Mandir, Gayatri Mandir, etc. In addition to this, the city boasts 69 lakes and two rivers. Babul and bamboo are two types of wood that are produced in Porbandar’s woods. In several chemical and cement plants, this is also a well-liked location for business.

нар (Junagadh)
About 355 km southwest of Gujarat, at Junagarh, a city with a lengthy history thanks to the Nawabs. The city’s architectural advancements are a great representation of its history. It is also well-known for its Kesari mangoes and is a tranquil location away from popular tourist attractions and the bustle of the city. The primary attractions of this location include Girnar Hills, Gir Wildlife National Park, Damodar Kund, Mahabat Maqbara, Uperkot Fort, etc.

The distance between Ahmadabad and Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, is around 23 kilometres. After Chandigarh, Gandhinagar is the second planned city in India. Gandhiji was born in Gujarat, where his name is connected with several institutions and an entire town called Gandhidham. The city’s top tourist destinations are the Adalraj Stepwell, the deer sanctuary, and the serpent-house. One of the most popular destinations for travellers from all over the globe is the “Palli” festival in the Roopal hamlet during the Navratri holiday.

The Champaner-Pavagadh
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Champaner-Pavamgadh was constructed by Gujarati Mahmud Begada. It consists of historic temples and monuments that are the perfect fusion of Islamic and Hindu architecture from the primordial period. In addition, it serves as a significant Hindu pilgrimage site. The Jama Masjid is the best example of Hindu and Muslim architecture, and it is situated within the park’s perimeter.

Surat: 100 Must-See Gujarati Tourist Spots & Top Attractions, 2023
90% of the world’s polished diamonds are produced in Surat, earning it the nickname “the diamond city of the world.” It is well-known for its silk textiles, cotton mills, delectable cuisine, and beaches. Tourists and shoppers alike should visit this location. The city is renowned for its orderliness, handmade goods, sandy beaches, Surat Castle, Sardar Patel Museum, Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium, The Dutch Garden, adventure parks, temples, etc.

One of the best locations in the world for handcrafted textiles is Patan, the historical capital of Gujarat. The greatest cloth created worldwide, Patola sarees, are also famed for being made there. Bindu Sarovar, Patan Patola Heritage, Loteshwar Mahadev Temple, Rudra Mahalaya, Shri Panchasara Parshwanath Jain Derasar, Sahasralinga Talav, Sindhvai Mata Temple, Shankheswar Jain Temple, Pachmukhi Hanuman, Shree Padmanath Bhagwan Temple, etc. are some of the prominent attractions in the Patan area.

Diu used to be a Portuguese colony but is now known for its six pristine beaches and for its seclusion and visual beauty. Vacationers looking for total leisure are drawn to these beaches. For those who like history, it is a fascinating location. Additionally, buying leather goods, bamboo mats, and baskets may be done here. You may also get some unique brands of booze from both outside and India.

Bhavnagar is among the top 100 tourist destinations and attractions in Gujarat as of 2023.
Bhavnagar is a city with a regal legacy that is reflected in its opulent architecture and delectable food. While shopping, you may fill your bags with the wonderful selection of clothing, woodwork, textiles, embroidered sarees, and jewellery. The cotton sarees from Bhavnagar are renowned for their embroidery. Bhavnagar is the second location after Surat for diamond jewellery.

Five mountains make up Girnar, an anthology of mountains. As a holy site for Hindus and Jains, it predates the Himalayas. To go to heaven, their pilgrims must ascend around 8000 steps barefoot from the first mountain to the final shrine. The Neimnath temple in Girnar serves as the town’s primary draw. The Lord Neminath god is carved out of black granite, and its eyes are set with priceless gems. The temple complex includes a courtyard, an open area, and numerous smaller temples.

Rajkot is an industrial city well known for its handcrafted ethnic and traditional goods. The most well-known products from this location include bandhani sarees, mirrorwork, beading, patchwork, and silk embroidered clothing. You must visit Rajkot’s local markets if you want to acquire the proper items for a fair price. The Rotary Doll Museum, Race Course Grounds, Shri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Funworld Rajkot, and others are some of Rajkot’s top tourist destinations.

In contrast to the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Vadla is an up-and-coming haven for migrating birds. It is a cool, serene setting with a magnificent view of the sensitive to human presence birds. Flamingos, pelicans, cranes, ducks, and various shorebirds may all be seen. It’s a terrific location for seeing bird behaviour up close without disturbing their living space.

The port city of Mandvi is well-known for its beaches and its historic shipyard. One of this location’s top attractions is Mandavi Beach. At this location, several tourists and Swaminarayan devotees bathe and relax. Due to Swaminarayan and his saints bathing here 175 years ago, this beach is revered. For visitors to enjoy Mandavi Beach privately, Vijay Villas Heritage Resort and the Beach Camp offer a private beach.

Peninsula Island
One of the forty-two islands in the Jamnagar marine park region is Pirotan Island. One of the two islands that welcomes visitors and tourists is this one. The primary draws of this island include a sizable park, the mangrove environment, and a large diversity of birds. It also has low-tide beaches and coral reefs. There is an incredible diversity of plants and animals, including a large variety of aquatic life. It is a beautiful island that is far from human settlements and lifestyle.

Falls in Zarwani
Do you like outdoors but have never experienced real wildlife? You must visit Zarwani cascade to experience the peaceful flow of the cascade, the humming of birds, and the expansive green canopy away from the bustle of the city. You may have seen it in The Jungle Book; it is one of India’s most popular natural attractions. You may indulge in wildlife photography, picnics, and hiking here. It’s a terrific location for taking images of the outdoors.

Waterfalls in Hathni
One of India’s most magnificent waterfalls is Hathani Waterfall. It is bordered by a wide range of plants and animals. Although all ages of visitors come to see this waterfall, young people are drawn to it more than others. It provides you with both a tranquil and exhilarating experience on your journey. At this location, you may go dirt biking and take pictures. In this location, the Hathni Mata is a renowned deity.

Sun Temple of Modhera
Families and young children like visiting Modhera. In Modhera, there are two tourist attractions. One is the Sun Temple, which is similar to Konark’s Sun Temple in Orissa. The second is the Maatangi Modheshwari Temple, which is devoted to the deity of the Modh people, deity Modheswari. At this location, special poojas are held on the 15th of every month and during Chaitra Navratri.

Monument to Unity
The Statue of Unity is 182 metres tall. It is the highest statue in existence. It was constructed in honour of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, popularly referred to as the Iron Man of India. This is a fully working monument acting as a tribute that supports infrastructure research for agricultural growth, healthcare, and socioeconomic development. The monument motivates people to instill concepts of togetherness, patriotism, good government, etc. while also serving as a reminder of Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s sacrifices.

Hills, Wilson
Wilson Hills, often referred to as Mini Saputara, is the smallest hill station in Gujarat and is located close to Surat. One of the few hill towns in the world where you can see the ocean is this one. You are invited to experience the beauty of nature by the winding roads, a hill covered in vegetation, a top view of hills, and small settlements. The Barumal Temple, Marble Chatri, Steep Valley, Ozone Valley, Sunrise and Sunset Points, Shankar Waterfalls, Lady Wilson Museum, The District Science Centre, and the Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls are some of the nearby attractions.

A princely city known for its royal historical monuments is Wankaner. It is located in Gujarat at the place where the River Macchu bends. The places to view at Wankaner are Ranjit Vilas Palace, Wankaner Palace, Hazrat Shah Bava Dargah Sharif, Nagbbava Temple, Machhu Dam, Mitticool, and Royal Oasis. Mughal, Victorian, Gothic, and Dutch influences may be seen in the architecture of Wankaner.

Beach at Nargol
Nargol is a relatively pristine beach located in a coastal Gujarati community in the Valsad district. Due to its seclusion, this location is great for weekend getaways and leisure activities. The Parsis often go to this hamlet to pray at the fire temple there. The oldest and most well-known Parsi temple, Iranshah Atash Bahram, is located in a temple called Udwada.

Bhuj is renowned for its ancient temples, gorgeous hills, animal refuge, and historical locations. You may access several other civilizations within the city, including the Indus Valley Civilization, locations connected to the Mahabharata, and Alexender the Great. It’s a terrific location to visit for those who like the outdoors.

Dandi had a significant role in Indian history during the Indian Independence Movement. At this location, the Civil Disobedience Movement had its start. Here, a non-violent campaign known as the salt Satyagraha was established to protest the strict salt regulations. At this location, the revered leader Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters broke the Salt’s Law. However, this location is renowned as India’s main salt centre.

Sant Kabir is the name of a well-known location called Kabirvad. On an island in the midst of the Narmada River, it is located. By boat, which travels to and from the Shuklatirth Shiva temple, travellers may access this location. There is a Kabir Temple there where people may go to pray and worship. It is both historically significant and a location to appreciate the peace and tranquilly provided by a large Banyan tree.

National Marine Park
The first National Marine Park in India, Maine National Park, was established in 1982. The Gulf of Kutch contains this park, which spans an area of 458 sq km. The 42 islands in the park are divided into four groups: Karubhar, Pirotan, Narara, and Poshitra. There are many diverse species living in this marine park. Additionally, you may see several animals floating under your feet, including a big sea anemone, harbour shrimp, octopus, pufferfish, and others.

The Centre of Milk Production: Anand
One of the best locations is Anand, which is well known for the delightful aroma of just made butter. It is a rural area with a rustic feel and a great location to unwind from a busy schedule. The primary draw of this location is the Swami Narayan temple. The largest dairy firm in the world has its origins in the city, which is another reason it is well-known.

Nearby museums to Ahmadabad
Textile Museum of Calico
Ahmadabad is renowned for its handloom weaving and spinning and is often referred to as the Manchester of India. One of the top attractions in Ahmadabad City is the Calico Museum, a renowned textile museum that was founded in 1949. It is located in Ahmadabad’s Sahibaug neighbourhood. You may get hand- and machine-woven clothing made here that dates back 500 years.

Museum of Utensils VECHAAR
A tremendous effort has been made to conserve the rich cultural history and distinctive creative abilities at the Vishalla Environment Centre for history of Art, Architecture, and Research Museum. It is the best illustration of how intelligent our artistry is. You will witness kitchenware dating from the beginning of time to the present.

Do you aspire to own a high-end vehicle? The Vintage Museum is the ideal location that all auto enthusiasts must see. The museum has the top automobiles in the world, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar. One of the finest features of this location is that you can only move the automobiles a certain amount for a certain distance.

Hindustan Science City
A tour of the solar system may be had at Gujarat Science City Ahmadabad. It is the ideal synthesis of fun and instruction. Working models, activity areas, laboratories, live demonstrations, etc. are available to help people comprehend the science and technology that affects them on a daily basis. This is a government programme to encourage more students to pursue science-related degrees.

Kendra Sanskar
Le Corbusier, a renowned architect, created Sanskar Kendra. Two museums are housed there; they are listed below.

The City Museum
It depicts Gandhiji’s actions, the sociological advancement of the society, and the history of urban expansion in the city. The city’s Kite festival is on display at the Patang Museum, which is located in the basement.

A Kite Museum
Gujaratis are renowned for their success in business and their steadfast passion of flying kites. When winter is at its worst, Ahmadabad’s sky is awash with bright kites. On February 26, 1984, Bhanu Shah donated all of his kites to create the kite museum.

Toy Gallery
A child’s existence is mostly comprised of games. Both indoor and outdoor games are available here. Early versions of contemporary chess were known as chaturanga, and by the sixth century, it was a thriving game in India. In the 18th and 19th centuries, several more games were developed with the intention of instructing children in subjects like history, geography, botany, etc.

Museum of Shree Swaminarayan
Three thousand of Swaminarayan’s personal items are housed at this museum. At the age of 11, Swaminarayan, who was an incarnation of Shri Krishna, left his house after carefully studying the scriptures. Among the items are writing scripts with Swaminarayan’s signature, jewellery, footprints, pieces, etc. For the benefit of Darshana, these items are preserved here.

Museum of Khoj
The Khoj Museum is the first museum in India to provide a wide range of interactive experiences that foster young minds. Children may learn about and comprehend the logic of science via the museum, where the word “khoj” implies to hunt for or find something. It is a cutting-edge setting created with the intention of comprehending commonplace events.

Children’s Heritage Walk
There are eleven history walks offering various information and experiences. The goal of the walk Ahmadabad was to develop a connection between the many tourists who attended history tours and its competitor, the Walled City.

Gufa Amdavad
This is a hidden gallery where M.F.’s paintings and sculptures are on display. Hussain. On the Centre for Environment Planning and Technology’s campus in Ahmedabad, it may be found.

Museum Kasturbhai Lalbhai
One of India’s well-known industrialists both before and after independence was Katurbhai Lalbhai. His diligence and hard work allowed Lalbhai’s firm to expand from a single textile mill to a conglomerate of seven mills.

Museum of Gandhi Ashram
Gandhiji resided at this museum, which Charles Correa constructed, from 1917 until 1930. The location includes a variety of things, including books, letters, and statements for the Swadeshi spirit. This building was built using a simple yet intricate post and beam framework.

Society for Gujarat Museums
The Gujarat Museum Society was founded with the intention of preserving the region’s rich archaeological heritage. It has an extensive collection of state-related artwork and artefacts. The main draws of this location are the paintings, sculptures, and stone works.

Museum in Kutch
If you haven’t seen the Kutch Museum, your journey to Gujarat isn’t complete. Maharao Sir Khengarji III built this charming gallery in 1877 to house his extensive collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions. A fascinating collection of coins, artwork, musical instruments, metallurgy, and sculptures may be found here.

Exhibition of Vikram Sarabhai Space
Without spending any money, you may enjoy a journey to “Mini ISRO” by going to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition. The Indian Space Research Organization’s advancements and accomplishments may be explained to tourists at this excellent location. People who are really interested in the space sector should visit this location.

Gallery of Marvel Art
The Marvel Art Gallery opened its doors in Ahmadabad in 2004. There are many artists in India, and the gallery collaborates intensively with several of them. The primary goal of this gallery is to provide the highest quality of both services and artwork.
Visit holy locations in Ahmadabad

Temple of ISKCON
Gujarat Samachar Press is home to the ISKON temple, also known as the Hare Krishna Mandir. It is the ideal location for meditation because of its serene ambience. This location hosts a large number of seminars for those with a spiritual interest.

Temple of Vaishnodevi
Sarkhej Gandhinagar’s Vaishnodevi Temple is an exact duplicate of the well-known temple in Jammu. It is a favourite destination for both visitors and a sizable number of believers. It takes a few hours to explore this location.

One of the most amazing architectural marvels that anybody has ever seen is the 500-year-old Jhulta Minar, which is situated near Sarkar Bazar. Unsolvable mysteries surround it. The distinctive aspect of this location is that when one minaret shakes, the other minarets quake within a little period of time. Despite the fact that the connected tube does not convey motion.

Mosque Siddi Saiyed
The Siddi Saiyed Mosque is one of Ahmadabad’s most well-known mosques. One of the final mosques constructed by the Gujarat Sultanate is this one. It is well-known for its lovely windows, side prisons, rear arches, and ten-stone latticework. It is now looked for by the Archaeological Survey of India and is a well-known tourist destination in the nation that receives thousands of visitors from all over the globe.

Father Hari ka Vav
The artistically built stepping well of Dada Hari ka Vav is located just behind the grave of Dada Hari ka Vav. One of Ahmadabad’s most intricate constructions is this one. In the past, it was intended to provide travellers access to cold water and a relaxing area. Numerous travellers go to witness the elaborate carvings on the pillars, walls, and stairs.

Temple of Akshardham
Akshardham, which means the heavenly home of God, provides you with the opportunity to feel tranquilly. This campus is both spiritual and cultural, with a focus on education, devotion, and rapprochement. The mandir serves as a place of prayer and is a modest memorial to Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781–1830). The grounds and exhibits are both spiritually rich. It is a perfect illustration of how beautiful God’s home on Earth is.

The Jhulta Minar
Jhulta Minar is a prime example of a well crafted swinging minaret. The Minar will swing if you put a little force to the top arc. Kids may have a lot of fun there. This Minar’s ability to bear the strain of swift trains passing from a distance not too distant from it is one of its outstanding features.

The Jain Temple in Hastings
Seth Hathisingh, a wealthy trader, dedicated it to the 15th Jain Tirthankar (Dharamnath) in the year 1850. The temple features a two-story structure with a beautifully carved white marble exterior. Each of the 52 shrines in the temple is decorated with a picture of Tirthanka. Here, visitors may unwind and practise meditation.

Bhavnagar’s Palitana Jain Temple
One of the most holy Jain pilgrimages is to the Palitana temples. Ahmadabad is 230 km distant from this temple. On the hill are more than 1300 beautifully carved marble temples. These temples were erected by Jains starting in the eleventh century. They honoured Lord Adinath, the first Tirthankar, by dedicating the major shrine at the summit of the hill. More than 27000 idols are housed in this amazing building.

Modhera Sun Temple
In Modhera, the temple is situated beside the Pushpavati River. Surya Mandir is one of the few shrines devoted to the sun God. Numerous visitors are drawn to the temples because of their exquisite architecture. The temple’s architecture is built such that the Lord Sun’s image is illuminated by the Sun’s first rays. This temple is comparable to

Banskantha’s Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Temple
Since the Pre-Vedic era, people have worshipped the goddess Arasuri Amba at this temple, which is situated in the Arasur hills at the Saraswati River’s source at the end of the Aravali mountain range. The red flag flying over the temple dances in the wind, and it is constructed of white marble with gold cones. The temple’s inner sanctuary boasts silver-plated doors. Around the sacred mother Nayak, locals celebrate Navartris by dancing the garba, while Bhojak groups also put on bhavai theatre.

Buddhist Temple
Danta is one of the lovely places connected to religious travel. There is simply a triangular Vishwa Yantra with figures that stand in for the god here; there is no statue or other object of devotion. On the Gabbar hilltop in the town, the goddess Ambaji’s ancient seat is located. Devotees from various areas go here to worship while on foot, singing, dancing, and chanting to the goddess.

Temple of Jagannath
The god worshipped in the Jagannath temple is Lord Shri Krishna, along with other deities like Lord Bala Dev and Goddess Subhadra. When devotees visit the temple for darshan, the temple feeds them with several kinds of Prasad. This location is popular throughout the festival season, even on days when there isn’t a festival.

Mehsana’s Taranga Jain Temple
One of the rarest tirthas that the Shvetambaras and the Digambara visit is the Taranga Jain Temple. It was built in 1121 by the Solanki ruler on the advise of Acharya Hemachandra. The main idol is a 2.75 m statue of Ajithnath. 14 temples make up the Swetambra property, and 5 of them are connected to Taranga Hill.

Porbandar’s Sandipani Temple
5 km separate Sandpani Vidyanketan from Porbandar. It has taken 13 years to fulfil the desire of Bhaishir’s origins, which was to build this temple. Bhaishri is in charge of directing the expertise of several specialists. As a consequence, it has evolved into Saurashtra’s largest and most distinctive temple.

Varodara’s Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple
Poicha Village in the Rajpipla district is home to the Lord Swaminarayan shrine known as Nilkanth Dham. Gujarat. It is a stunning and glittering location located beside the Narmada River. The temple looks amazing at night because to the lights and ornamentation.
Locations to shop in Ahmadabad

Night Market in Law Garden
Outside of the well-known public space known as Law Garden, there is a well-known market selling handmade goods. You may find a unique selection of wall hangings, branded sarees, vintage jewellery, and other items here. If you are good at haggling, you can shop for a fair price. The street outside the garden is crowded with street vendors peddling a wide variety of appetising local delicacies.

Market Lal Darwaza in Ahmadabad
One of the busiest sites in the city is Lal Darwaja market. Here, you may get high-quality sarees, men’s clothing, contemporary outfits, and children’s clothing all in one location. Street food and electronics are some popular commodities at this market. Everything is really affordably priced at this place.

100 Top Attractions & Tourist Spots in Gujarat, including Sindhi Market, 2023
Shopping addicts should definitely visit Sindhi Market! Are you wanting to spruce up your closet with some stunning traditional dresses? Visit Sindhi Market, a fantastic shopping area, which is close to Kalunpur Gate. This market specialises in sarees, bed linens, clothing, footwear, and handicrafts.

In Manek Chowk
Gujarat’s Manek Chowk is the centre for gold and silver jewellery. In addition to it, there are several more markets, such as those for fruits, vegetables, handmade crafts, and artificial and traditional goods. You may eat quick food like Pav Bhaji, Golgappa, ice cream, Ghatiya Jalebi, etc. while shopping.

No Hajiro Rani
A street market selling women’s apparel, traditional Garba attire, accessories, mythical sculptures, containers, and other items can be found at this location, also called Mughli Bibis’ Tomb. This stays quite popular throughout the Navratri celebration. This is without a doubt the ideal location for shopping for ladies. Foster Bridge

A street market selling books may be found on Fernandes Bridge or Shadhid Bhagatsing Bridge. If you like reading, don’t miss this location. Both new and used books are available at a very affordable price. The subject-related books may also be purchased by students.

Gate of Raipur
You must not overlook the regional specialties offered at this market on Sherkodta’s Dayanand Road. Foodies shouldn’t miss this location. For Gujarati snacks like farsans, vegetarian kebabs, dhokla, etc., visit this street market.

Market at Ramakada
This is a well-known market for both children’s toys and personal items for ladies. Hair accessories and chic jewellery are among the accessories for women. Compared to stores selling women’s accessories, there are less toy stores.

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The textiles, sarees, and jewellery in this bazaar are well-known. Both wholesale and retail clothing are sold here. When women are seeking for chaniya cholis, sarees, etc., it draws their attention. This is a great spot to haggle, but watch out for cheap goods as well.

Road Chimanlal Girdharlal
This traditional paradise, Chimanlal Girdharlal Road, is well-known for its traditional stores, clothing, handcrafted ceramics, etc. After the very wealthy businessman Chimanlal in the 1960s, they gave the road the name Chimanlal Girdharilal. There are several retail centres in this market that provide contemporary clothing, home furnishings, etc. This is without a doubt the most expensive area in the city.

Silk Museum in Asopalav
The Asopalav Silk Museum is a pioneer in both handloom and woven sarees. Customers may purchase the highest-quality, branded, and conventional clothing at Asopalav Silk Museum. You may get the ideal balance of branded Indian cultural apparel, fashion, and comfort here. It serves as a centre for wedding lehengas, Gujarati bridal sarees, and regal Kanjeevarams.

Market Ghantakarna Mahavir
A local market for goods like printed sarees, tussar sarees, denim textiles, dress materials, etc. called Ghantakarna Mahavir Market. You may buy children’s clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, sportswear, etc. at this market. In addition, this sector is also known for its affordable hotels, department shops, stationery, and computer products.

Supermarket Metro
You may get everything you need at Metro Super Market without sacrificing both quality and pricing. The market provides loading docks, door-to-door delivery, etc. You may purchase food, non-food, branded, and unbranded things at this fake market.

Ahmedabad’s Gujri and Ravivari Bazaar
The oldest and most distinctive kind of market, Ravivari and Gujri Bazaar Ahmedabad, is open on Sundays to meet the requirements of locals. Both adjacent towns and the villages are served by it. This market is always crowded since it is the cheapest place to get the necessary supplies.

Cloth Market, New
One of Ahmadabad’s oldest textile marketplaces, New textile Market allows manufacturers, wholesalers, and merchants to sell their goods at discounted prices. This location is special for the current generation since it contains a variety of retail centres. In comparison to other marketplaces, the wholesale market, also called the new Cloth Market, provides goods at lower prices.